It’s been 6 years as a stay@home mother and wife and I’m getting bored and frustrated. Perhaps I saw this coming and so spent the last 6 months studying about Image Management. Now I have come close to finishing the course and start working as a Consultant. However before that I know how much hard work is to be done especially garnering courage and confidence, a tad difficult to admit that I am progressing very slowly.

Last week I started to read a book “How the world sees you” by Sally Hogshead. It made me realise that I am “fascinating”.  That got me thinking about all the good qualities I have and instilled in me an instant eagerness to add some more. Gradually narrowing down to some new skills that I would like to acquire. And I finally had a new year resolution. Hold that thought for awhile!

During past first week of 2016, I have come across numerous posts, feeds and apps on suggestions how to  stick to your new year resolution. Why does everyone insist on adhering to a thought throughout the year? Can anyone have a short term resolution? Say, for a day? Uh??? A day? Yes u heard me right, that’s it. What if I see everyday as a new year. Resolve in the morning, follow through the day and feel happy at bedtime to have accomplished something. Monotony beaten altogether. Each day comes with fresh challenges hence adjustments necessarily follow. So……no apprehensions of breaking resolution. Make resolutions as per the requirements of the day. Done!

And here I have my resolution for the new year – learn a new lesson howsoever small everyday. Actually there’s nothing innovative about it. This is what we all do. And what I have also been doing until now. But the difference is we don’t keep a track of all this and therefore while learning a new lesson forget the one learnt earlier. Why does this happen? The answer is quite simple : we don’t care enough! We fail to give enough importance to little learnings and make mistakes repeatedly. Although a simple technique can save all the trouble. REGISTER. At the end  of each day before falling asleep, just close your eyes and state in clear words what you have learnt. The sentence should start with “this day taught me to………”. Believe me it will stay with you for a longer time and will gradually become a part of your being. Thus eliminating the need to learn it again anytime in future.

I can vouch for it. Because I have done it.

Happy living!!

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