Each life is a tale to tell. And so is mine. Maybe it is similar to thousands of others termed as ‘ordinary’ though they all have some elements of extraordinary feats achieved with great difficulty. Sympathy and Empathy are easily garnered in huge numbers owing to the vast expanse of social media. Together they form the story of entire mankind. And that is fascinating. Concurrently each has several beginnings and endings too.

At 45, I feel my life has been a smooth continuum flowing like a stream without a fixed mapped road to follow. However, now I plan to embark upon a new beginning that I am going to talk about. Blessed with a comfortable, pampered childhood I graduated in the Sciences and further majored in Library Science. Luck led my way as I got opportunities to work at some of the distinguished academic and research facilities of our country. My longest association being the last one, with the University of Mumbai for 5 years as an Assistant Professor. And now it is close to six years that I have been a full time mom and a homemaker. My problem is that I am a “multipotential person”. It means that my interests are varied and  I am severely allergic to stagnation. A similar feeling crept in again at the completion of 5 years of stay-at-home profile.

A reminiscence of childhood and teenage brought back the memories of how I loved to dress and behave nicely and struggled to achieve impeccable presentation in everything that I did. A little exploration directed me to a career in Image Management. At present I am half way through the course and looking eagerly forward to  starting work with a new sunrise while the rest of my life continues to flow like the stream as it always has been. Good luck to myself!!

Knowing that it isn’t going to be an easy ride, I feel scared. But so is everyone else around me. We all want to be successful in our respective endeavours and are striving towards achieving what we aspire for. For me the underpinnings of apprehensions are accentuated by the pressure to match my earlier success.

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